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Falconry in Turkey

From 1 June till 30 June 2013

This exhibition informs visitors about this Turkish cultural heritage.
When in 1988 falconry was forbidden by law, soon, after numerous protests, an exception was made for hunting with the sparrow-hawk. Hunting with a sparrow-hawk is unique and is part of a particular cultural heritage and has been significant for young and old for centuries. The number of falconers in Turkey is in a downward spiral. It is estimated that in 2012 there were fewer than 3,000 falconers. Only in Trabzon, an area in the Asian part of Turkey on the Black Sea, falconry with sparrow-hawks is still practised.

This exhibition shows how falconry is practised in Turkey and shows striking parallels with how falconry was practised in Valkenswaard at the time.